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Integral Acupuncture

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My Back pain is relieved

“Over a year ago, I was set to undergo back surgery as a last resort for my back pain but thanks to Joanna, my back pain is relieved. She has prevented me from undergoing surgery, and I no longer even find the need to take aspirin. I highly recommend Joanna Jodar without a doubt.”

Helped Anxiety, Migraines and Insomnia

“I have been having severe anxiety and migraines for years and sometimes experience insomnia. I tried various medications, but my situation only became worse. Since medical doctors were not able to help me, I decided to give acupuncture a try and it was the best decision I have ever made.”

Reduced Anxiety and Hyperactivity

“Our family has been going to Joanna for over four years. Yes, our whole family – grandma, mom, dad, and two children ages 8 and 6. My mother and I had gone to an acupuncturist before and needed a new acupuncturist when we moved to the Somerset area. We couldn’t have found a better one than Joanna. Her holistic approach

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Broke my Migraine cycle

“I first decided to try acupuncture because I was at a loss with treating my migraines. I had seen the best migraine specialist in NYC and had tried every possible migraine drug with no success. Not only was Joanna able to break my migraine cycle, but she has been able to keep them at bay ever since. She is so

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